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A Nod to The New Year

Hot off the press… SAGE Journals publication of Perception offers insight into a simple way to achieve improved eye contact and interpersonal connection in the new year! Apparently most of us automatically focus on the left eye and left side of the face as we engage with others. However, researchers from the University of California in Santa Cruz reveal a compelling twist on that view.

With a slight tilt of the head, others will instinctively gravitate toward focus on whichever eye is higher. In other words – a nifty trick to engage your friends and family members more deeply could include a minor tilt of the head to lift your right eye higher. This tiny variation can change the way you gaze at one another, and quite possibly intensify that interpersonal connection.

Well that’s a quick and easy New Year’s resolution, we can all achieve. Here’s a nod to 2019!

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