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Expert Memory Strategies for Test-Taking

Ever wonder how some people seem to remember everything they learn and others struggle to keep simple facts straight for more than a few minutes? Cognitive performance hinges on automaticity of skills that we use to think and learn all day every day such as processing speed, attention, visualization, fluid reasoning, and working memory. Part of developing strong cognitive skills is the effective use of strategies. For example, we can use strategies to help us retain large amounts of information. The kind of information needed for optimal performance on standardized tests, for example.

But don’t just take our word for it. In a fascinating article by Minuca Elena, 30 professors and psychologists–all experts in learning–contributed tips and tricks for remembering large amounts of information. (I was one of the experts.) From the use of mnemonics to color-coding categories to chunking smaller bits of information together to creating visual stories (my contribution based on our work at LearningRx), this very large compilation of 30+ memory tips is a great resource for students!

Check it out:

Studying Tips – 30 Education Experts Share Their Learning Strategies

Hope you find some strategies you love!

To an amazing brain!
Dr. Amy
Amy Lawson Moore, PhD
Cognitive Psychologist at LearningRx
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