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New Mindset For Uncertain Times

Leadership is a crucial attribute to have in today’s world if a person wants to be successful, and now there could be a new mindset theory to boost leadership qualities! Most people have only heard of Fixed or Growth Mindsets, but the Benefit Mindset is now coming into fruition. The Benefit Mindset focuses on “being well” and “doing good”. This focuses on not only making sure that a person is content, but that he or she is also able to benefit the people and environment around them. In recent psychological research, there has been an escalating focus on promoting wellbeing and how to live optimally within yourself and with the people around you. With all the stress that people go through on a daily basis, people have wanted this information on wellbeing to improve themselves, their happiness, and being positive. Along with wellbeing, more and more people are focusing on doing good for the world by donating, benefiting the common good, improving the environment, and promoting positive social change.

The Benefit Mindset differs from Fixed and Growth Mindsets in a few ways. A person with a Fixed Mindset focuses on perfecting what they do while avoiding failure, but they do not try and develop their skills further. A person with a Growth Mindset strive to improve how they do what they do and aim for high achievements. The Benefit Mindset focuses on why a person does what they do in order to develop their skills to contribute to a better future. This new mindset theory is needed in so many different aspects of life such as in business, schooling, and future psychological research to push people to improve themselves and everything around them in order to promote well-being across the globe!

By Ryan Coyle, Staff Writer Intern

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