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The Surprising New Year Goal That Science Shows Will Increase Your Happiness

After a year of COVID induced isolation and quarantine, it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution to travel!

New research published in Science Daily reveals that people who search, talk, and dream about travel adventures are much more likely to go on consistent trips than those who don’t. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But what it shows us is that even if we’ve been grounded for a year, with no clear end in sight…now is the time to start searching, talking, and dreaming about vacation plans.

Scientists surveyed 500 participants and discovered that those who travel more frequently over 75 miles from home are 7% more satisfied than those who travel little or not at all. Prior research has confirmed the health benefits of a vacation getaway, including stress relief, peace-of-mind, and improved wellness. Yet this new study out of Washington State University shows the mental health benefits of going on multiple pleasure trips per year.

Yes, there are still travel restrictions in place and many resorts or hotels have limited amenities such as pools, hot-tubs, and food service. But this new research can encourage us all to go ahead and peruse vacation options, dream about those plans. It may be too soon to book a flight, but when the time is right we will be ready to go…and on our way to greater overall life satisfaction!

By Terissa Michele Miller, MS Psy

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