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Training The Preschool Brain

Symptoms of ADHD and other attention struggles can manifest in very young children. Even babies and toddlers reveal signs of atypical attention patterns that can lead to later cognitive struggles. Yet there is very little scientific foundation for early intervention and few resources available for parents of toddlers with signs of attention problems.  

For most kids who display signs and symptoms of ADHD, treatment options don’t surface until the child is in elementary school. According to the National Survey of the Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD and Tourette Syndromealmost seventy percent of kids from age 4 to 17 receive special services through school. Even soas published in the Journal of Attention Disordersthere are one in five ADHD students who never get the help or intervention they need.  

Research published in Developmental Science offers hope for early intervention through the evaluation of a combined computer-based and metacognitive scaffolding (one-on-one) training program for preschoolers. The study results revealed that the metacognitive training improved computer-based cognitive training outcomes and offered predictive gains of intelligenceThis is good news for parents of toddlers with attention problems, and we eagerly await the educational tools to assist! 


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