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Vitamin D to Fight Coronavirus

We all want to find that magical cure for Coronavirus. With the world in epidemic, there is no greater pursuit going on right now than the search for inoculation or cure. Yet what if the answer isn’t finding a cure outside of ourselves, but finding a way to boost individual immunity?

In a brand-new research article posted on MedRxIv (pre-print for health sciences), scientists reveal compelling findings that associate decreased vitamin D levels with COVID-19 mortality and severe complications. While the authors clarify the need for more research on the topic, they conclude that an increase in vitamin D could contribute to a reduction in viral symptoms and inflammation.

Maybe it’s not a magic cure. But what an easy fix to pick up a vitamin D supplement at the local grocery store and spend a bit more time in the sun. That’s all I’ve got for now: gotta go sit out in the sunshine and soak up some immunity…

By Terissa Michele Miller, MS Psy

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