Dyslexia and Reading Struggles? It’s Not Just About Reading

Most people think of dyslexia as just a reading problem. But maybe it’s not that simple. New research is bringing light to this multi-faceted issue. According to a recent article published in the Journal Of Neuroscience there is a deeper cognitive link between dyslexia and visual processing. Scientists worked with 100 children age six through… read more

Is Cognitive Fitness Within Your Control?

I’ve often wondered what role personality traits play in cognitive fitness. Are people who are outgoing, conscientious and organized less likely to develop cognitive impairment and if so, why? Is it because they tend to be more social, enjoy detail-oriented tasks and can juggle more activities (i.e., work, hobbies, time with friends)? In April 2022,… read more

Autism Awareness: Make It Personal

Do people with autism have a greater quality of life if they are aware of their diagnosis? New research published in the April 11, 2022 issue of Autism seems to indicate that the answer is “yes.” In a University of Portsmouth study of 78 autistic university students, the research team reported that there was a… read more

Undiagnosed Autism: We Need To Be More Aware

Children who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and are diagnosed prior to age eight are more likely to receive the services they need to overcome the anxiety, behavioral struggles, and psychosocial deficits associated with the disorder. Early detection, diagnosis and intervention are vital, yet research shows a full one in four children with ASD… read more

TBIs May Increase Risk For Comorbidities

You don’t need to be a doctor or caregiver to someone with a traumatic brain injury to recognize some of the visible symptoms. But new research published in the April 28, 2022 issue of JAMA Network Open indicates that head injuries of any severity may be linked to an increased risk of chronic endocrine, cardiovascular,… read more

Sports Concussions: Diagnosis and Recovery News

When my son was 9 years old, he announced he wanted to play hockey. Having written about brain injuries for 15 years, I was well aware of the frequency of concussions in the sport. I assumed it was a temporary interest, but he stuck with it. Through the years he’s supplemented his seasonal play with… read more

What We Learned from Training 101,000 Brains

From the Editor-in-Chief In 4th grade, my youngest son could not spell his own name. His brain had a problem. I discovered it standing in his school hallway one evening while I read a story he had written about my husband, a military officer.  At the top of the page was his full name: Evan… read more

5 Nutrition Tips for a Better Brain

It’s an age-old mantra: you are what you eat. So apparently I’m a basket of sweet potato fries. But, seriously? Like most Americans, I think I’m doing just fine. Generally healthy, busy lifestyle with work and family, I even occasionally go hiking or work out at the gym. Maybe I’m a little fluffier and more… read more

The Top 5 Podcasts for Brain Health

We want to do everything possible to keep our brains in top-notch condition, but finding the best resources isn’t always easy. Who are the experts we should be listening to? The team at Modern Brain Journal scoured the podcast community to find five of the best shows on brain health. We picked shows with two… read more

Expert Memory Strategies for Test-Taking

Ever wonder how some people seem to remember everything they learn and others struggle to keep simple facts straight for more than a few minutes? Cognitive performance hinges on automaticity of skills that we use to think and learn all day every day such as processing speed, attention, visualization, fluid reasoning, and working memory. Part… read more