Mental Health

Sense of Purpose May Help Extend Life

Whether you’re a caregiver who heals and comforts, an artist striving to bring beauty to the canvas, or an activist who seeks to improve the world, finding a sense of purpose may help extend your life.

Brain Health

TBIs May Increase Risk for Developing Comorbidities

You don’t need to be a doctor or caregiver to someone with a traumatic brain injury to recognize some of the visible symptoms. But new research published in the April 28, 2022 issue of JAMA Network Open indicates that head injuries of any severity may be linked to an increased risk of chronic endocrine, cardiovascular, psychiatric, and neurologic comorbidities.


New Concussion Guidelines for Children

For youth athletes who experience a concussion, “gone are the days of resting in a dark room.” A new multi-site study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that starting physical activity three days post-concussion is safe and has better outcomes.