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Brain Training To Battle COVID-19

Current scientific research is revealing a plethora of emotional, psychological, and cognitive problems arising from the COVID-19 epidemic. Social isolation, financial struggles, and uncertainty have created debilitating lifestyle changes for many families. With the start of a new school year and unprecedented online or distance learning processes, parents and kids alike are suffering.

Nature’s publication of Neuropsychopharmacology confirmed evidence of increases world-wide of depression and anxiety among the public, patients, and caregivers. Additionally, researchers discovered neurocognitive, attention, and memory problems akin to dementia in those who became sick with this coronavirus strain. However, research also reveals brain training as an effective remedy to ameliorate cognitive damage from the virus.

One study showed an enhanced density of grey matter – the tissue containing most of the brain’s cell bodies and a key component of the central nervous system – in the left hippocampus after eight weeks of training (in comparison to controls).

We are all in a battle against COVID-19, and this kind of scientific research is just the good news we need keep up the fight!

By Terissa Michele Miller, MS Psy

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