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Spearmint Supplement for Attention

Product analysis table, pencil for editing, someone’s phone rings, shiny reflection from coworker’s watch, those are weird shoes, was that a dog barking?….  Attention struggles manifest at every age, in a plethora of debilitating ways. Many medical doctors are quick to prescribe attention medications, yet patients and family members are often reluctant to take this approach. What about non-pharmaceutical supplements?  Are there more natural alternatives that truly make a difference for attention and other cognitive deficits?

Recent research confirms a simple supplement of spearmint can have definitively positive outcomes for patients struggling with attention. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published an article outlining the benefits of spearmint extract supplementation for older adults with attention, memory, and other issues of cognitive decline. Nutrition Research applied the same concept of spearmint extract supplementation with a slightly younger population and published similarly impressive results. Who knew a simple, natural, commonly-found supplement could make such a difference for those of us who struggle with attention? Oh look…squirrel…!  Hmmm, maybe its time for a quick stop at the health-food store; if I can just focus enough to grab that spearmint supplement before filling my cart with distractions….


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