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Counting Sheep To Fall Asleep? Try Fish Instead!

A recently published Scientific Reports study of 541 school-aged children in China revealed a correlation between the consumption of fish and improved sleep. The authors assert that while the scientific connection of omega-3 fatty acids cognitive performance has been established, mediating factors such as sleep quality and duration still need exploration. According to their research, sleep could well be the important factor connecting the consistent consumption of fish (omega-3 fatty acids) to higher IQ and improved cognition. Researchers surveyed the children for fish consumption and sleep quality from age nine to eleven, then assessed IQ at age 12. These statistics confirmed a relationship between more frequent fish consumption, better sleep quality, and higher cognitive functioning. Perhaps those sleepless nights would be improved by adding a tilapia fillet and salmon steak to your weekly menu! Might make you smarter too!

Scientific Reports. Article number: 17961 (2017) 

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