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Brain Power Couple: Creatine and Omega-3

Dietary supplements such as creatine and Omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial to a person’s body and muscles, but could they also improve your brain’s health? Research reveals some intriguing effects of these substances on the brain. One study found that using creatine supplements prior to a traumatic brain injury may reduce the severity and brain damage by up to 50%! Creatine supplements could be especially useful for athletes that play contact sports such as football, hockey, or rugby. Another study found that a combination of creatine and caffeine were able to combat sleep deprivation in exhausted professional athletes. The athletes were able to perform at a high level of intensity, both physically and mentally, despite sleep deprivation.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve cognition in healthy and mildly impaired older adults, and Alzheimer patients. The effects on young adults is inconclusive, yet research suggests that Omega-3 fatty acids taken during recovery from mild traumatic brain injuries could reduce structural damage. These two supplements in combination could be very beneficial for older adults seeking a cognitive boost, and for athletes in high-risk sports to reduce brain trauma!

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