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Mindfulness and Chronic Heart Failure

The symptoms of Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) can be extremely draining on a person due to fatigue, breathlessness, impaired sleeping, and feelings of anxiety and depression, but mindfulness intervention may reduce all of these symptoms. Mindfulness Based Intervention (MBI) focuses on being present in the here and now with an open mind. One of the main purposes of MBI is to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety/depression. A research team thought this intervention strategy could be beneficial to out-patients with CHF due to the meditative and breathing techniques involved with MBI.

The study involved having two groups of patients with CHF. The first group would receive the MBI with their regular treatment, while the other group only maintained their regular treatment to serve as a comparison. The study found that MBI reduced feelings of fatigue, dizziness, breathlessness, and tiredness in CHF patients! By reducing symptoms in CHF patients this intervention has the potential to also reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Reducing feelings of dizziness and tiredness may also lead to fewer accidental falls in elderly CHF patients. These results could be used to increase the opportunity for MBI in CHF patients and increase the quality of life in thousands of people struggling with these symptoms!

European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 2018;17(1), 54-65.

Norman, J., Fu, M., Ekman, I., Björck, L., & Falk, K. (2018). Effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on symptoms and signs in chronic heart failure: A feasibility study. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing17(1), 54-65.

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